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Yamaha Music School

What's the Yamaha Music School


The YAMAHA Music Foundation conducts consisting music education through courses designed for a broad range of students, including children, youths and adults, from beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of musicality, with the education for pre-school children as the basis.

These activities started with the opening in 1954 of the "Experimental Class for Pre-school Children", Later, this class developed into the Yamaha Music Schools, designed to teach music from the fundamentals. After extensive, practical experiments, the present Yamaha Music, embodying our own methods, was established with the objective of bringing out children's potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves by music.

Today, Yamaha Music Schools have developed into a large system with 600,000 students and 20,000 teachers at 6,000 locations in the world. More than 5 million students have graduated from the school.

Nurturing Creativity in a Relaxed Manner

Underlying Yamaha Music School are three concepts: " Timely Education " Group instruction " Emphasis on Creativity

Timely Education

In order for children to enjoy music and to absorb and understand the given material easily, we believe it is best to give them appropriate guidance in accordance with the degree of their physical and mental development. Based upon this concept of timely education, the Junior Music Course introduces 4-and 5-year olds to music fundamentals at the time when their hearing capabilities are rapidly developing. Other Yamaha children's courses also fit the concept of timely education.

l Group Instruction

Group instruction have many advantages that enable children enjoy rich musical experiences such as making friends through music, developing cooperativeness and deepening understanding of music through participation in ensembles. For this purpose, Yamaha has adopted a method whereby students can listen and play in a group, learning music while enjoying it.

Emphasis on Creativity

In order to enable students to develop their creative capabilities, it is important to help them develop the ability to express themselves by thinking freely. We hope to help them acquire and enhance sensitivity and imagination, which are both sources of creativity, through our comprehensive system of music education.

Yamaha Music Courses Available

Music Kids 3 yrs 小小音乐家课程 3岁
Junior Music Course 4-5 yrs 儿童音乐家课程 4-5岁
Children Electone Course 6-8 yrs 儿童电子风琴课程 6-8岁
New Electone Study Course 9 yrs & above 电子风琴课程 9岁起
Piano Course (ABRSM) 6 yrs & above 儿童钢琴课程 6岁起
Guitar Course (Classical & Electric) 7 yrs & above 吉打课程 7岁起
Art Course 4 yrs & above 儿童美术课程 4岁起
Popular-Music Course (PMS) for Music Lovers 流行歌曲音乐课程 老少咸宜
*Piano, organ, guitar and etc of all ages * 钢琴,电子风琴,吉打
Diploma in Piano 高级钢琴文凭课程
Theory 乐理
Violin, Drum , Flute 小提琴,鼓,长笛
Gu Zheng 古筝
Cello 大提琴
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